Something Sinister To It

Grant Huffman

An engaging introduction of strange circus-style music commences, and my senses are alerted by a gun click. I am listening to “Something Sinister To It” by Grant Huffman.

The style reminds me slightly of early Eminem songs but delivered with a much more mellow vibe.

Huffman is an impressive wordsmith, poetically delivering his speedy wordplay with clear and intelligible lyrics.

The energy of the song portrays the title perfectly. A sinister and disturbing sensation is expertly created through an intense soundscape of deep bass beats, creepy synth tones and sporadic interjections of a distorted, threatening voice.

I immensely enjoy Huffman’s clever rhymes, which display exceptional artistry and intelligence, such as; “with this addiction shit, mischiefs we’re living like misfits” and performed with excellent articulation.

As the song unfolds Huffman reveals his story of previous troubles with drugs and alcohol. Then eloquently leads us into a traumatic attack at gunpoint, where Huffman was the victim of a kidnapping and beating.

The issues of drugs, guns, violence, and killings that he raises in this song, and their relation to music are extremely important, and I greatly appreciate his honestly and braveness for speaking the truth.

Huffman suffered through a troubled childhood, which landed him in a boarding school for delinquent children, and now he uses his music to express and communicate his traumatic experiences. This artist is a brave young man, with a wonderful gift for storytelling, and a bright future ahead of him in the music business.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Joyner Lucas and NF then Grant Huffman will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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