Sterotypical Angry Black Guy


Spaceman is an emcee, songwriter and producer who views music as an area to express his thoughts and views in an artistic way. Music has the ability to communicate feelings, ideas and emotions,  like no other vehicle.

Delving into and developing rhythms, textures and phrases allow Spaceman to expose elements of himself that he would normally not.

His latest EP release “Fascist Utopia”, is a satirical rap project which has been interpreted as strongly political. However, for Spaceman, this is an expression of the world he sees around him. He speaks the truth, and the truth of the world at this moment is soaked in political issues and dilemmas.

The third song from this EP, titled “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” is a witty narration discussing our shortfalls as a society pertaining to financial benefit. Greed, lust and exploitation.



The song opens and an old school hip-hop beat, reminiscent of the early 90s’, with a low key subwoofer pulsing in the background, creates a funky and mellow soundscape.

Spaceman raps with an amazing continuity, a ceaseless flow of rhythmical phrasing, weaving a movie in your mind’s eye.

The use of alliteration in his lyrics add an extra kick to his performance, like a splash of cold water hitting you in the face, awakening your senses.

Spaceman is an exceptional wordsmith who’s compelling lyrics flow seamlessly together, engaging the listener, sparking interest and intrigue with witty narration.

His confident, “I don’t give a fuck” attitude perfectly represents his message in the chorus; “we don’t give a fuck, oh!”.

An impressive storyteller, Spaceman captivates listeners with his soulful tones and powerful performance.



Music is the one thing that Spaceman believes in, he has quoted; “When you live in a world like ours, that seems to take pleasure in undermining whatever you expect from it, the prospect of building your own cultural atmosphere becomes pretty compelling”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Danny Brown and Run the Jewels, then Spaceman will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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