Close Your Eyes


Adellic is the stage name of producer, DJ, and songwriter, Eric Adelsward, who has risen to stardom quickly in the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why when you hear his music.

Euphoric, emotive, exciting, and energetic, Adellic’s tunes will captivate any listener.

Hailing from Stockholm, you will normally find him performing at the prestigious Cafe Opera, or jet setting to one of his many international gigs.

His newest release, “Close Your Eyes”, has all the finest elements of an awesome EDM track. The reverb, loops, layers, bassline, instrumental breaks, it’s all there! And we are loving it!

The opening of the song entices the listener immediately with an alluring, hypnotic female voice,  and slowly, we are lured into the vortex of Adellic.

This track doesn’t hold back, it is a hard-hitting dance tune, which creates feelings of euphoria and excitement in the listener instantly.

I adore the instrumental guitar break, which brings a perfect balance between the ecstatic powerful bass beats and a calmer euphoric energy.

These instrumental interludes encourage the listener to do just what the song says, “Close Your Eyes” and bathe in musical ecstasy.

Adellic came to international success from his bootlegs being spread on the internet, and by the age of 16, he had his first international booking in Switzerland.

Since then he has released many original tracks both independently and with record labels, and his success just keeps growing.

Keep an eye out for this up and coming artist, if you enjoy music from Alesso and Eric Prydz, then Adellic will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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