Beirut Blues


Sounds of a bustling street echo in the background as a hypnotic guitar plays a blues rhythm and we are immediately transported to a foreign land of intrigue and mystery. I am listening to “Beirut Blues” by Misa.

Misa is a singer and songwriter based in London who began her musical journey two years ago. At this time she was faced with a difficult turning point in her life but found strength and courage through her deep love and passion for music, which she says is the core of her life.

She has since developed a unique collection of sounds which reflects her personal and musical journey.

“Beirut Blues” is a tribute to her beautiful old city, where she grew up. For Misa, this is a city of contrasts, but most importantly a city of hearts. If you have never been to Beirut, this song will definitely tempt you.

Close your eyes and allow Misa to lead you through her colourful world of merchant streets, jasmine and exotic spices.



“Beirut Blues” is performed in Misa’s native tongue, and even if you don’t understand Lebanese, she succeeds to paint a vivid picture through her emotive and captivating music, along with breathy vocals dripping in sensuality.

The combination of blues music blended with Misa’s exotic sounds is beautifully unique and extremely appealing to the senses.

I adore the distant noises of Beirut’s local life at the beginning and end of this song, perfectly setting the atmosphere for this story of her mystical land.

Misa’s performance is passionately expressive, with a special sound that stays with you for hours, reminding you to return for more.

During the springtime of this year, Misa catapulted herself into the trip-hop scene with great success, and has since been named as “Five unstoppable female artists”.

It is easy to understand why, with her tantalizing soulful melodies, hypnotic vocals and deeply emotive lyrics, Misa has the ability to attract and charm any listener.


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