Misa is a passionate singer and songwriter who describes music as the core of her life. Her unique and intriguing melodies elevate her music above the masses by bringing listeners something extraordinary and distinctly diverse.

Raised in Beirut and now based in London, her style is eclectic and fascinating. During the spring of this year, Misa launched herself into her music career and has since been hailed as, “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020” by Ronon Reviews and “Five Unstoppable Female Artists” by Atomix Vox.

Misa has an intense passion for music, which has brought her inner-strength and courage during her darkest times. Some years ago when she was faced with a heartwrenching personal crisis she immersed herself into cultivating her own sound.

Her music is a reflection of her own musical and personal evolution. Her newest release, “Summersalt” is the eighth single from her upcoming album “Broken Record”.



The song commences and we are immediately bewitched by multiple instruments performing soothing melodies, embodying a feeling of calmness and tranquillity. As Misa begins to sing we are instantly hypnotised by her breathy and seductive vocals, unveiling an intimate tale.

The combination of captivating melodies and echo affected vocals create a dreamy and captivating atmosphere, bewitching and enveloping the listener.

Misa has an incredible gift of transporting listeners into her world, by sharing intimate experiences and memories, she paints a vivid picture in our mind’s eye, with descriptive and intriguing lyrics such as; “I fall into some broken estate, where an old stone wall seals in your fate, there’s no light in the windows today”

Emotive feelings of nostalgia arise within the listener and we are reminded of special people and places which invoke sentimental attachments.

“Summersalt” is a tale about returning to where it all began, revisiting an old home, where everything seems the same except you. Fond memories warm her heart and she wonders why she ever left.

The chorus perfectly imparts this message as Misa sings; “and you look at me and say I haven’t aged a day, and I look at you and wonder why I never stayed”.

Misa’s inspiration arises from a deep love of songwriting, her openness and honesty connects on a deep level with listeners, and her soulful melodies and soaring vocals are sure to charm any listener.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Amy Winehouse and Ellie Goulding then Misa will fit perfectly on your playlist.



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