Love Me Touch Me

Juno Star


Juno Star is an up and coming pop artist from New York City, who has just released his third single “Love Me Touch Me”.

The introduction begins with a beautiful voice imparting compelling lyrics which immediately engages the listener’s attention.

Juno’s voice is the main attraction in this song, his vocal performance is captivating, emotive and expressive, with a smooth and easy deliverance which feels so natural.

The lyrics are raw, honest, and extremely touching. Syncopated rhythmic verses such as; “sometimes I crawl up in a ball and pretend to die” make a strong and lasting impression on the listener.

Juno speaks a large amount of this song, it feels like a poetic reading of a journal, performed to music, exposing a wound, a heartache which is vulnerable and sensitive.



The song has a great beat and rhythm, which stays with you for hours after and would work fantastically for a choreography piece.

An incessant synth clap performs similarly to a metronome, a constant pulsing throughout the song, moving the tempo forward as Juno begs; “Love me love me love me please”.

“Touch Me Love Me” has all the best attributes of a great pop song, and we are submerged into a vortex of layered synths and reverbed vocals.

This song cuts deep into the listener, both musically and lyrically, revealing tender and exposed emotions, which many of us will connect to.

Even though the lyrics are conveying a time of darkness, confusion, hurt and pain, the music feels hopeful and transformational.

Such as the butterfly is transformed from a caterpillar, this feels like a representation of Juno’s life evolution.

Juno collaborated with LA-based producer KOIL for this song, which was inspired by Juno’s experience and attraction to destructive love at seventeen years old.

An up and rising star, Juno is inspired and ready to take the world by storm, with three releases so far this year and two more to come, plus an EP release at the end of this year, Juno is set for big things.



If you enjoy music from artists such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, then Juno Star will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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