“There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”

I was immediately captivated by Chima Anya’s music video, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”. The introduction of sad piano music accompanied by the visual image of Anya in the mirror creates an emotionally powerful impact.

I believe most of us will connect with the message in this song. From the outside, our lives may look successful, but even with everything that society deems “should” make us happy, there is still a feeling of sadness, of being lost, a heaviness in our hearts that cannot be understood or explained.

As the song unfolds Anya’s wordplay becomes more erratic and heated, as we sense the desperation and confusion which he suffers. This is perfectly accompanied by volatile driving around the streets of London.

Chima Anya is not only an accomplished and talented emcee, but also a medical doctor, and has skillfully balanced the two careers for over a decade.

If you enjoy music from artists such as J.Cole and Logic, then Chima Anya is definitely for you.