Coco Bean:

Coco Bean’s newest single “Superstars”, has just dropped today and it is an encouraging and uplifting hip-hop/pop track, reminding listeners that we all face hardships in life but we can all be “Superstars”!

He told us: “Superstars was inspired out of the hope for a better tomorrow. When we face hardships and disappointment in life, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are. We have all faced such times. It’s easy to stay stuck and give up. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. But it’s also just as easy to see a person in a bad place and decide to help. We can help with just a simple word, a kind smile, or a gentle reminder that no one is alone. This is what “Superstars” is all about.”

Coco Bean is the inspirational and uncompromisingly positive alter-ego of award-winning singer-songwriter, producer, filmmaker and actor, Phil Elam. Coco Bean burst into existence at the beginning of this year with the beginning of his musical trilogy; “My Name is Coco Bean” followed by “Pimpstick”. Each song has a fun, lighthearted and joyful expression, communicating understanding, acceptance, inspiration, kindness and equality.


“Superstars” immediately draws listeners in with an intense and emotive soundscape. Honesty and raw expression drip from every note and Coco Bean’s emotive and intense vocal delivery is completely captivating.

Old skool hip hop beats create a groovy midtempo rhythm that involuntarily inspires our bodies to move and groove. The musical vibe carries a joyful and hopeful expression that stays with you for hours after, nudging at you to return for more.

Coco Bean connects deeply with the difficulties people have suffered in recent times with his sensitive and inspirational lyrics such as: “Now people don’t you fear. Know you’ve had dark days, a terrible year. Here to help reclaim the groove, remind you of who you are. So hold up your mirrors, you’re all Superstars.” This is a beautiful reminder that there is always a brighter future ahead.

“Superstars” is definitely the best new song to add to your hip-hop playlist and if you enjoy music from artists such as Eminem and Drake then you will love Coco Bean.

What’s next for Coco Bean?

Coco Bean has completed his musical trilogy now, however, with such a great response from fans he is quietly bouncing around the idea of future releases, he told us: “If Coco Bean does decide to release other tracks, look for some sweet collaborations.”

In the meantime Coco Bean has a message for all his fans: “Never give up. Never give in. Keep the faith. Keep going.”

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