The Throne



Jedstarrr is the stage name of songwriter and music producer, Jedidiah Labinjo from Brooklyn, New York, who has been making and producing music for over a decade and is on the path to becoming one of hip-hop’s most intriguing and revolutionary artists.

His involvement in music began as a drummer at the age of 14 yrs old, heavily influenced by legendary artists such as Kanye West, Timbaland, Rhapsody and The Roots, he pursued his passion for expression through music and has now, in his 20’s, taken on a further creative role as a songwriter.

Jedstarrr told us that his goal is to “energise his fan base to stay empowered through their art”, and his new release, “The Throne”, from his recent EP “So Help Me (God)”, certainly embodies those values.

An intriguing emblem on the album cover of a yin and yang symbol, the cross and a west African symbol for the word wisdom sparks intense intrigue and plants the idea that this project will be delving into the areas of faith, good and evil, light and dark.

Jedstarrr told us; “there’s belief that we all have God in us. We’re made in His own image. This makes it that much more intimate. You aren’t supposed to focus on how he (Jesus) looks, or what he did as a human. You’re supposed to focus on the divine energy that’s within yourself. That’s the main importance in spirituality and faith. It’s never about the tangible things. It’s always been internal”.



“The Throne” takes hip-hop music to a whole new level, raising Jedstarrr way above and beyond the masses of other artists. It is a rollercoaster of sensations, rhythms and melodies, one moment you are flying high with a speedy bass beat, the next we are in euphoric choral choir bliss.

Huge subwoofer sound effects begin and create an intense atmosphere,  this intensity increases as an African sounding drum effect adds another layer. Multiple layers continue to raise the energy and Jedstarrr commences his impressive breakneck speed rapping to a high-tempo dance beat.

The fact that Jedstarrr’s lyrical introduction is to the Lord’s prayer makes a serious impression, and it intrigues the listener to explore deeper and understand the songwriter’s message.

Jedstarrr is an impressive storyteller with poetic, hard-hitting lyrics which are spat out in time to the high-speed bass. His style and tempo of rapping create an extremely powerful effect, and many listeners will connect with his thought-provoking lyrics such as; “I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know how to move, from this beginning point of jail to the freedom we pursue, man”.

A calming interval envelops us with euphoric choral choir bliss, calming and comforting us, until Jedtsarrr throws us back into ecstatic bass energy, rudely awakening us from our dream-like state, like a splash of cold water in the face.

Listeners will definitely be inspired to dance to this song, intact it’s impossible not to dance to this song. Jedstarrr bewitches us with his intense melodies and if you’re not standing you will be bouncing in your seat.

“The Throne” will be a hit in the late-night club’s underground scene. It’s an incredible composition of hip-hop-dance music, and it leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Jedstarr has created an exceptionally unique piece of music, which impressively pushes further than most songs do, to break the mould and create something extraordinary. He goes way above and beyond the conventional songwriter, taking listeners out of their comfort zone, pushing us to the brink of insanity.



If you enjoy music from artists such as Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar then Jedstarrr will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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