Joe Calderon’s new release “El Poeta” has just landed:

Los Angeles based instrumental guitarist Joe Calderon is back with his second single release: “El Poeta”, from his upcoming album Cup Of Joe (due to land on August 6th).

Calderon was inspired to write “El Poeta” by his favourite band, Sixun, a French jazz fusion group. He was introduced to their music by a fellow musician, Brazilian bassist, Octavio Bailly, at a gig one night. Once Calderon heard their music, he was hooked and began a quest to acquire every recording they ever made.

Calderon collaborated with two other musicians for this track; Alfredo Rubalcava (bassist) and Martin Flores (drummer/ percussionist). Both highly respected and talented musicians, that got it perfect on their first take.

However, for Calderon, the most memorable moment in the recording of this song was his guitar solo. At this time, he was the in-house session guitarist at a recording studio in North Hollywood. When he had a small break between clients, Calderon took the opportunity to record his solo. He told us: “I recorded from beginning to end, and the solo gods must have been looking down on me because I got it down in one take!”

El Poeta:


“El Poeta” opens with a deep, sultry voice, seductively whispering: “Oh yeah, it’s a love thing, baby”, and we are instantly engaged. Calderon delivers seriously sexy musical vibes, oozing deep jazzy tones, which envelop us in this hot new track.

Passion exudes from every note as Calderon takes us on a captivating musical journey. It is easy to lose yourself in his epic guitar playing, which showcases impressive riffs, catchy basslines and inspiring melodies.

Calderon lifts listeners into a euphoric state through his intense musical expressions and passionate delivery, which clearly express his immense love for music. He told us: “The feeling of doing what you love is like breathing. We all like to breathe right? I hope the love and feeling I put into writing and producing this song is embraced and experienced by the listener.”

“El Poeta” will excite and delight any music lover, and if you enjoy music from artists such as George Benson and Jeff Beck, then Joe Calderon will fit perfectly on your jazz or blues playlist.

What’s next for Joe Calderon:

Calderon is excited for his upcoming album release of Cup Of Joe on August 6th. He will be supporting the album release with live gigs over the coming months. Keep an eye out for his upcoming events by following him on social media.

In the meantime, Calderon has a message for all his fans: “Always try and love whatever you do in life! If one listens closely enough to your inner voice, you’ll know if what you’re doing is true to your path. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to listen and support my music!”

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