Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself

KOFN Underground

Music is a form of expression which should not be boxed in by rules or specifications. That is why it is so refreshing to see an artist reaching out into undefined genres, giving birth to an explosively untamed soundscape.

As I listen to the new song, “Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” by KOFN Underground, it feels like a pure and complete expression of the artist, both musically, and vocally.

The song displays immense intensity, using hard-hitting lyrics such as “I despise the way you make me live”, performed with profound emotion, conveyed through howling and hypnotic tones.

Each piece of musical, lyrical and vocal expression, perfectly conveys the feeling of frustration, resentment, and disgust.

A heavy and trippy atmosphere is created through intense synth’s, which display multiple layered musical intricacies, including elements of electro-pop, gothic rock, death metal, and 80’s synth-pop.

The chorus riff is almost addictive and I find myself humming it for hours after I’ve listened to it.

KOFN Underground is the musical child of Glenn Lee Alan Davis. The inspiration for this concept came through his passion for exploring different sounds and conveying his personal thoughts through music and lyrics. Glenn has quoted; “There will be no rules to what will be created”.

“Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” is a reflection of past chaotic relationships dealing with insecurities and control. It will be available on Spotify from October 23rd.

Until then, enjoy this…

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