It’s My Birthday

Bigg Brass 

Meet Bigg Brass:

Up and coming hip-hop artist and songwriter Bigg Brass has just released his newest single “It’s My Birthday” on Soundcloud, which is also due for release on Spotify on the 18th of this month.

Bigg Brass has been writing songs since he was just 8 years old. By the age of 15, he recorded his first song and received an enthusiastic response from his neighbourhood and friends who heard the song.

This encouraged Bigg Brass to seriously pursue his dream of a music career and he has been diligently working towards his dreams ever since.

His latest release, “It’s My Birthday” was inspired by his upcoming birthday on July 3rd. He told us: “I was planning what I wanted to do this year and as I was getting excited from different ideas, the hook to the song just came out my mouth and I was like, ‘that’s hot lol.”

It’s My Birthday:

“It’s My Birthday” is an upbeat, fun and celebratory hip-hop song that encourages listeners to sing a long with its anthemic chorus: “I’ll make it through today, cause it’s my birthday”.

Bigg Brass delivers sick hooks and impressive wordplay skills in this bouncy, feel-good birthday track, which is set to be the new go-to birthday song for hip-hop lovers of the world.

This irresistibly catchy track will be filling the dance floor with birthday celebrations. If you enjoy music from artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole then Bigg Brass will fit perfectly on your hip-hop/rap playlist.

Listen to “It’s My Birthday” on SoundCloud here:

What’s next for Bigg Brass?

Bigg Brass plans to produce an epic music video to go along with “It’s My Birthday”. Keep an eye out for it’s upcoming release. In the meantime he has a messgae for all his fans. “If you aren’t familiar with who ‘Bigg Brass’ is and you’re just now hearing about me. Then pull me up on any major streaming platform. Go through my catalog, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of songs that you’ll grow to love! For those who know me, I appreciate your dedicated support and I will continue to create music that you love.”

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