“Rodeo Boys” by Phil Elam

The new feel-good song by Phil Elam, “Rodeo Boys”, will be drawing people to the dance floor with joyous abandonment and euphoria. This bouncy, high-energy track with big synths and deep sensual vocals is sure to be a hit!

Elam has quoted; “Rodeo Boys is all about the joy of unconditional love. When you give in and surrender to the bliss of unconditional love, it is very liberating.”

I enjoy the song’s intro of cowboy sound effects which grabs the listener’s attention and heightens intrigue. As the song unfolds we are introduced to combined musical layers of big synthesizers and intense bass beats, which create a diverse soundscape.

This song is great fun to listen to, with extremely entertaining lyrics such as; “If you want a Rodeo boy, rise up jump for joy, if you want this Rodeo Boy, tie me up I’ll be your toy!”

Phil Elam is a multi-talented award-winning musician and filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan. Elam has been a musician since the young age of six when he first began to play the piano.

As a young boy growing up on the streets of Detroit he encountered many abusive situations, however, he would always find solace in his room, a world of his own, of music and movies.

Elam’s goal is to make a positive contribution to society through art and charitable giving. He is already turning this goal into reality by donating profit from two hit singles to charitable funds. His hope is to help society advance in a co-operative and positive manner.

Music brings people together, it touches souls and speaks to people. Elam’s music is filled with joy, love, and conveys a hopeful message to his listeners. If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber, then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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