Paul Myers revives “Live and Let Die”

Paul Myers has an exceptional talent for reproducing songs from The Beatles and Paul McCartney and making them uniquely his own, while still staying true to the original version.

“Live and Let Die” was originally written by Paul McCartney and his wife Linda McCartney for the blockbuster James Bond movie, “Live and Let Die”. The song was recorded in October 1972 by Wings, a British-American rock band.

Myers has taken this classic hit song and brought new life to it, drawing on the rocky elements with his epic, powerful electric guitar riffs, and raspy, seductive vocals.

I love the slight reggae vibe in the second verse, which is completely unique but compliments the energy of the song wonderfully.

Myers sings with such powerful emotion and passion, it’s impossible not to enjoy his music. If you are a fan of The Beatles and Paul McCartney you will love Paul Myers, I certainly do.