I am instantly captivated as I listen to “Am I Better”, the newest release by “Sorry It’s Over”, a pop/alt-rock band from Encinitas, California.

Their music has an intense depth and soul, it feels fresh and new, with a deep necessity to be heard.

Music has the ability to touch the soul and evoke powerful emotions, I believe to communicate this is the hope of all musicians, and Sorry It’s Over has accomplished this.

Maybe it’s the effects of COVID, maybe it’s the new generation, whatever it is, their music is the beginning of a modern musical revolution.

I’m sure you are now wondering, who is Sorry It’s Over? Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella, they were originally bandmates in high-school, then business partners, clearly they were destined to do great things together.

Now their partnership has evolved into a deeper expression of their passion, music.

I adore Sam Adagte’s soulful, affectionate vocals, while Louis Petrella drives the musical momentum forward with unique soundscapes that hypnotize the listener.

“Am I Better” will be released on October 9th, keep an eye out for it! And if you enjoy music from artists such as The Strokes, and The Frights, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your playlist.

And while you’re waiting for their new release…. enjoy this…

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