Catch Us

Waking Bear


Waking Bear is an inspirational and intensely creative Indie-rock band from Olympia, Washington, who have been releasing music since 2019 after the band formed in 2018.

Their release “Catch Us” is a potent song full of insights and revolutionary suggestions for the inner explorer.

The song begins and we are immediately captivated by a hypnotic slow tempo tune, rising like magic from an electric guitar. The beginning 2 mins of this song are purely instrumental, with intense musical expression, which creates a joyous and carefree soundscape.

The intensity slowly builds as the drums and keyboard join, performing impressively layered musical intricacies, which creates a vortex of instrumental bliss.

As the music approaches an intense high, ready to explode, Ivy Jordanne surrenders, releasing a howling cry of joyous emotional fervour, calling listeners to join her.



Ivy’s voice is freshly charismatic, and it is easy to hear her passion as she recites thought-provoking lyrics, such as; “Mind slows to pray, And we tune in, tap in, be still, take a pause, look around to appreciate”.

These lyrics poetically describe the process of inner work of facing fears and letting go. Waking Bear have quoted; “The more courageously we face our fears and the more we release old wounds and traumas, the more these fears fade away”.

This message imparts a lasting and significant impression on the listener. The deeper meaning behind all of Waking Bear’s songs reinforces their ideals, this band is truly delivering transformational music.

Waking Bear was formed by Noah Bears after one fateful day when his lucky stars brought Ivy Jordanne into his life. The two inspirational musicians set off on a whirlwind adventure of romance, travel and music.

They discovered a mutual desire and vision to create a band that was an entire musical experience. To communicate to their listeners the feelings of inner happiness, love, and gratitude.

This band is truly a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration, releasing infectious music which activates the vibrations of joy, love and healing.



If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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