Meet Golden Dawn Arkestra:

Hailing from the northern constellation Cygnus comes Golden Dawn Arkestra. A band of intergalactic beings spreading the universal message of love, light and tolerance to all earthlings.

Bandleader, Topaz McGarrigle initiated the gathering of these exceptionally creative individuals in 2013 in Texas. Together, this collective aim to spread joyful vibrations of healing love to Mother Earth and her children.

Developing further from the cosmic theatrical performances of Sun Ra Arkestra, the band adorn themselves in shimmering interstellar garments and journey into galactic explorations through movement and sound.

They may take their cosmic trend from the great father, Sun Ra, but musically they are constellations apart. Golden Dawn Arkestra blends genres of funk, psychedelic pop, afro-beat and of course, cosmic jazz, to produce a sound that lifts us to place outside of space and time.

Their music is unique, experimental, revolutionary and nothing short of sublime. Their cultivations have given birth to a new and fresh form of creativity.

The latest release “Phenomenal” was just released today and is an ode to the separation caused by the recent lockdowns, where most of our connections were on the virtual screen. But it’s also a celebration of the pure joy of being alive.


This song is quite frankly… PHENOMENAL!

Futuristic synths injected with electro-funk and 70s’ disco vibes create an invigorating soundscape with uplifting and joyful melodies. Multiple layers of synthesizers, keyboard and breathy seductive vocals create an enthralling atmosphere that completely captivates the listener.

The band has a special talent for luring listeners into their alternative universe. One where we leave our troubles and worries behind and bask in the exhilaration of a beautiful life.

This is a catastrophically contagious track, with Doors style keyboard riffs and high-energy joyous interludes. One just can’t fight the urge to jump and skip around like a joyful school child.

Although the song gives an overall feeling of rejoicing, it also speaks of the need for human connection. The pain of being separated from loved ones when it is only possible to touch them digitally.

This message is conveyed perfectly through expressive lyrics and an anthemic chorus which listeners won’t be able to resist singing along with: “You are wonderful, so wonderful, you are beautiful, phenomenal. But your digital, virtual, lock me in, do me out”.

“Phenomenal” is the first single from their upcoming album, soon to be released. If you enjoy music from artists such as LCD Soundsystem, Chicano Batman and Sebastien Tellier then Golden Dawn Arkestra will fit perfectly on your playlist. Listen to this song right here…

In closing, Golden Dawn Arkestra have a message for all their listeners: “You are PHENOMENAL!”

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