Tongue Tied

Tyler Ganus feat Chanel

Tyler Ganus is a singer-songwriter who was born with music running through his veins. He began studying the piano at the tender age of 2 years old and has completed all 10 levels of the MTAC Certificate of Merit training. By the age of 10, he was a pop/r&b/hip-hop recording artist and producing his own music by 12.

This creative and passionate artist is also a talented baseball player and is currently pursuing an athletic career in D1 baseball, as well as majoring in popular music studies to further his musical endeavours.

Tyler’s new release,”Tongue Tied”, is a collaboration with independent artist, Chanel. The two met during the COVID lockdown in the summer of this year, and when Tyler heard her sing, he immediately knew she was the perfect fit for his opening song from his upcoming album, due to be released this month.

Chanel lives in Canada, and Tyler in LA, therefore they were unable to meet in person, and so, they composed this fascinating song via Zoom and Facetime jam sessions.

“Tongue Tied” is a quirky, unique, and upbeat love song, with amusing lyrics and a playful energy that will charm and entertain listeners.



A narrated dialogue introduces the song and sparks intrigue, immediately engaging the listener’s attention.

An upbeat nostalgic melody plays on the piano and propels the song forward with intermittent breaks, creating a fun, upbeat alternative pop soundscape, which is 100% danceable and will entice young lovers to the dance floor.

Tyler’s deep, raspy voice demands attention, he creates a warm and comforting atmosphere with his charismatic performance and witty lyrics, such as; “You are an 11 out of 10 at least, or a 10 if you prefer, my Madonna or Celine, either way you know I’d concur”.

Chanel’s charming, soaring vocals are the perfect compliment to Tyler’s booming voice. She has an exceptional vocal ability and captivates listeners with her dazzling performance.



Chanel is a singer-songwriter from Canada, who has trained in multiple genres and styles since the young age of 5, when she first began her training at The Royal Conservatory of Music. Later she also studied in pop, r&b, and rock. By age 12, she was writing her own music and learning guitar. She has since learnt the electric bass and piano.

At just 17 years old, she is already a gifted and experienced performer, having performed as a solo artist, in duets and full band shows. She is now an independent artist who is continuously looking for new ways to express herself through music, incessantly working on new material.

It seems these two are a perfect match, with both their upbringings deeply embedded in musical education and experiences, and songwriting expelling from every pore. An exciting duet, who will hopefully be releasing more entertaining music. If you enjoy music from artists such as blackbear and Quinn XCII, then Tyler Ganus will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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