Rodes Rollins – Isolation

The 23-year-old singer can fool you into believing she’s from another time, care of her haunting vocals and sprawling psychedelic-tinged Americana rhythms. But it’s 2019 and Rollins demonstrates her music transcends time and space.

After her sister decided guitar lessons weren’t for her, Rollins picked up the instrument and started songwriting, eventually recording songs in her guitar teacher’s studio at nine years old. It wasn’t until her time studying at NYU’s Gallatin School that she’d think about becoming an artist her fulltime gig.

Together with time spent living overseas in Buenos Aires and Mexico City, she had been compelled to take more risks and began performing during her travels – something that she had never done before. Originally Rollins started making music beneath her given-name but soon realized she transformed into another person when she was on stage.

It seemed natural for her to become a personality; so, Rollins chose a moniker with a meaning. “Rodes” was originated from a”rode” – a thick rope which attaches into an anchor of a ship, while”Rawlins” was the title of a town in Wyoming she saw on a bumper sticker. It was the perfect fit: the town paid homage to the western ethos of her songs, and it reminded her to remain grounded.In 2017, the Rodes Rollins project really began.

The climbing musician released her debut EP Young Adult with the help of producer Alex Goose (Weezer, Kevin Gates): a coming-of-age story full of vintage rock, ethereal pop and wavy melodies.

Tracks like”Young & Thriving” and”Wes Come back” stood out to the EP, motivated by her first love who had a momentary lapse in judgment and was put in jail and later deported. With a narrative so heavy and personal, she spent the five-track EP assessing the lack of humanity there was encircling his situation.

Now Rollins is prepared to present the world to a lot of her self-described”cowgirl poetry.”Throughout 2018, Rollins published a succession of singles -“Nasty Woman” and”Boom Pow”. With these two tunes, Rollins was truly focused on opening up the narrative. For the two singles, Rollins collaborated with Goose once again but recruited Portugal.

The Person’s Kane Richotte to play drums. This is not the first time she’s worked with large players in the game: Rollins’ recordings have showcased accomplished artists such as Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Matthew Compton of Electric Guest, and Greg Rogove of Devendra Banhart. Leading Lazer’s Jillionaire has even championed Rollins over time, helping facilitate collaboration between she and producer Branko for his album Atlas.In Fall 2018, Rollins began a new chapter in her discography with the launching of”Velvet” an A/B Side made by Noah Georgeson. Velvet shares a new, evermore opiated countryside to Rollins’ writing.