Now That I Got You

SirJo Cocchi


SirJo Cocchi is a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and producer from Italy, who has been a lover of music and the piano from an early age.

Despite being born with a congenital disorder causing a malformation of his left hand, he continued to learn and excel in his playing. Determined nothing would stand in his way, he ingeniously developed a process where his left-hand acts as an XL 6th finger, aka The Rhythm King.

By the age of 20, he graduated from the Musicians Institute with a Keyboard Honors Degree and continued on to have an extremely successful career performing and recording worldwide.

His path to success was not an easy one and he faced much condescension and scepticism along the way, together with a struggle to find his own unique voice.

A voice that now has intense depth and beauty, a voice soaked in soulfulness and expression. Listening to him is like being wrapped in a warm and nurturing embrace.



His most recent release “Now That I Got You” is the final chapter to his EP2 “LOVING” from “The Songbook Chronicles”, which will be released at the end of November.

I enjoy the musical intricacies featured in this song which engage and intrigue the listener. Instruments such as cymbals and chimes perform intermittently, and a saxophone plays a sweet solo.

There is a definite feel of early 90s’ music to this song, and I am reminded of “Diamonds and Pearls” by Prince, but with a more soulful vibe delivered by SirJo’s delicious vocal tones.

This is a sexy, touching love song, and SirJo sings with intense emotion, passion oozing from every note, delivering heartfelt lyrics such as “Now that I got you, loving never seemed so easy, now that I got you, life has been much more pleasing”.

“The Songbook Chronicles” is an extremely interesting project, where every 6 weeks a new song is released related to a theme, and for each theme, 4 songs are released to create a thematic EP. An intriguing and creative project.

“Now That I Got You” is the closing song in the theme LOVING, and is a celebration of the beauty of love, happiness, and the magic that encompasses your life when you find your soulmate.

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If you enjoy music from artists such as Sly & The Family Stone and Prince, then SirJo Cocchi will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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