Never Tradable

Daniel Diaz

A warm, sultry female voice sings, and I am instantly engaged by this song. I am listening to “Never Tradable” by Daniel Diaz.

I immediately notice Diaz’s use of the 90s’ boom-bap style, incorporating the use of snare and kick, which I enjoy, and reminds me of the Golden Age rappers, such as; The Notorious B.I.G.

Diazs’ interest in music was sparked at a young age by his Mother’s merengue and salsa music around the house. His musical development was positively influenced by a broad education from living in both the States and the Dominican Republic.

By the age of twelve, he was writing his own lyrics and his love and passion for music, and connecting with people through music, has only grown since those early years.



The overall tone of the song is a hopeful one, which perfectly represents his message in this story, that no matter what hardships we may face in life, always stay true to yourself. Your soul is “never tradable”

Diaz performs with an attractive vocal tone which is a delight to listen to. He creates a warm and receptive atmosphere through his soulful and poetic storytelling, which makes me feel like I’m listening to an old friend.

I adore the seductive female backing vocals which appear intermittently throughout the track and add an extra special element.

Diazs’ vocal ability is of a high calibre, producing a distinct and memorable rhythm which I find myself humming and nodding my head to hours after I’ve heard it.

It is unmistakable when a performer speaks from the heart, with honesty and truth, which is completely evident in Diazs’ performance. Staying true to his alternative stage name “Real” because he always speaks the truth.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Evidence and Black Thought, then Daniel Diaz will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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