Taylor Curtis


Taylor Curtis is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who began his musical journey learning the guitar and writing songs in his teenage years.

Nearing the end of high school, his left lung spontaneously collapsed requiring immediate surgery. With a long road to recovery and much rehabilitation required, he began vocal training to strengthen his lungs.

This was a huge benefit to Curtis, as it also greatly improved his singing ability.

In college Curtis went through a time playing in other bands, until he felt inspired to focus his creative outlet on writing his own material, combining his two great passions, music and storytelling.

In 2019 he released two singles, “The Good Word” and “Glass House”.  He is set to release an EP titled “Neurotica” in December and here we are introduced to the fourth single from this EP, “SOS”.



The song opens and we are instantly swept away by a funky, upbeat guitar riff and Curtis’ raspy, charismatic vocals.

This artist sings with deep intensity and emotion. His voice is nothing short of beautiful, with an extremely attractive tone and powerful expression.

A steady pulsing drum beat drives the song along, while we stand, captivated by Curtis’ syncopated guitar hooks, which stay with you for hours after.

The musical intensity builds as they approach the chorus, until Curtis howls into the microphone; “What good is life if we’re just running away, what good is time if I’m wasting mine”.

His lyrics are poignant and thought-provoking, they draw the listener in, deeper and deeper, enveloping us in a hypnotic musical vortex.

In college, Curtis majored in English and excelled in storytelling. He applies this talent to his songs and engages the listener with compelling lyrics, which weave a vivid image in the mind’s eye.

His lyrics feel raw and honest, connecting on a deep level of understanding and shared experiences with the listener.

Curtis wrote this song in 2016, a time when he was feeling frustrated and fearful about missed opportunities in every aspect of his life.

He expertly communicates this journey by taking his listeners to the edge of devastation, only to draw us back into the light with a hopeful energy.

Curtis told us; “I think that’s the most important message baked into the song: as dark as things may get sometimes, there’s always space for the light to find a way”.

His music is reminiscent of early 2000s’ rock with exquisite guitar tones similar to that of Radiohead and the gumption of Arctic Monkeys.

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If you enjoy music from artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, then Taylor Curtis will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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