Before becoming globally famous, Ed Sheeran used to be a teenager in Suffolk (UK) embracing a carpenter guitar, wearing flip-flops and singing love songs.

Debut CD in 2005: At the age of 13, Ed Sheeran released the Spinning Man promotional CD, with most of the song being about a girl named Claire. About 20 records have been released to the market, but the owners own 19 of them. Although Ed Sheeran did everything he could to prevent his debut music from reaching the public, the 20th copy was still leaked out. As of September 2020, it was sold for £50,000.

Moving to London 2008: Sheeran dropped out at 16 and moved to London. The male singer had struggled days in the British capital. Ed Sheeran was singing, going to the studio or performing at events if someone hired him then. Until 2009, he had performed on stage more than 300 times.

Surprising netizens with ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ in 2010: In the early 2010s, SBTV was a destination for young music lovers in the UK. Ed Sheeran surprised the audience by showing off his diverse musical production abilities, as well as his rapping techniques. Up to now his video on SBTV has attracted 11 million views.

The release of ‘The A Team’ in 2011: ‘The A Team’ proves Ed Sheeran’s ability to compose melodies that go into people’s hearts. Despite not topping the music charts in the UK, the title song on Sheeran’s album still excelled in the top 10. In 2012, he had the opportunity to perform the song ‘The A Team’ in front of the Queen of England.

Attacking America music market in 2012: Success in the UK is the premise to help the male singer make a reputation in the US. He made a transatlantic tour and in October 2013, Sheeran performed at Madison Square Garden in New York. The show chain has sold 60,000 tickets.

Changing wedding culture in the UK since 2014: After debuting in 2014, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran has become a favorite song in UK weddings. The song has stayed in the top 40 of the UK music charts throughout 2015. According to statistics, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has been heard a total of 4.8 billion times after more than 5 years of release.

Making a guest appearance in movie titles: Ed Sheeran had a cameo appearance in ‘Shortland Street’-New Zealand’s biggest small-screen family series. After that, the male singer continued to play guest roles in ‘Home and Away’ (2015), ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ (2016), ‘Game of Thrones’ (2017), ‘The Simpsons’ (2018), ‘Yesterday’ (2019) …

Redefining “super hit” in 2017: The success of ‘Shape of You’ when released in 2017 made Ed Sheeran music lovers temporarily forget ‘Thinking Out Loud’. The song brought the name Ed Sheeran into the group of global music stars. ‘Shape of You’ topped the music charts of 34 countries.

Releasing albums ‘÷” and touring continuously in 2017: After releasing album ‘÷’, Ed Sheeran started the 29-month international tour with 260 performances spanning the globe. The tour sold more than 4.8 million tickets, earning an estimated 341.7 million pounds.

A decade of pop culture dominance: According to statistics about listening habits, Ed Sheeran currently ranks second on the list of the most listened to artists worldwide. The head of this list is Drake.