We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber

The Suspect Allegedly

The Suspect Allegedly is an emcee and producer who reinvented himself as a solo artist once he began rapping to his own beats. Before this, he was a successful producer working with artists such as The Underachievers, earlier on in his career.

His most recent release “We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber” was inspired by the story of the Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski) after watching a documentary about him. Kaczynski believed that technology had disconnected humankind from nature. He opposed technology, stating that technology and an industrialized society effectively destroys human freedom.

Suspect couldn’t help but think, considering the state of things today, even though his methods were flawed, his message was worth listening to.

Interestingly, critics and academics later wrote that while Kaczynski deserved punishment for the violent acts he committed, many of his ideas were completely reasonable.



The Suspect Allegedly teamed up with rapper Koncept Jackson for this project and the combined varying styles deliver a powerful rap song.

A relaxed instrumental beat opens the song but the energy quickly builds and changes to a compelling waterfall of layered and reverbed vocals.

This is an interesting and unique technique which provokes intense emotions of confusion and panic. A perfectly set atmosphere considering the subject matter.

The mood changes about 1.30 min in when Suspect takes the lead and the focus turns to his thought-provoking lyrics, and an anthemic chorus; “we live in Futurama, they used to tell us that the future ours, we should’ve listened to the Unabomber, but we listened to computer bloggers, now we’re just consumer shopping”.

The ending is another interesting shift in the song, featuring sci-fi sounding synths and a synthesized voice discussing artificial intelligence, which has a rather eerie and almost scary feeling about it.

I admire these three distinct changes and highlights throughout the song, showcasing an ever-changing musical journey.

If you enjoy music from artists such as JoeyBada$$ and Action Bronson, then The Suspect Allegedly will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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