Meet Antonio Moreno:

German-based producer and DJ, Antonio Moreno has wowed us once again with another heart-pumping, captivating EDM release, “Under Your Skin”. This release is with his label, Puta Madre Music.

Moreno has been surrounded by music his entire life and he learned to play the guitar from a very young age. His family immersed him in Flamenco music during his younger years and he considers his roots firmly sown into this genre. He has told us: “my origin was, is, and will always be Flamenco”.

However, he began to explore new avenues of music once he was hit with the electronic dance virus! Flamenco is still a huge source of inspiration for him, along with the 90s’ trance and techno sounds, particularly from Frankfurt and Berlin. This unique blend of influences has definitely given birth to an exclusive style, all his own.

Under Your Skin:

His latest release “Under Your Skin” was produced in 2020. The inspiration for this song arose while he was visiting his Mother at her Finca in Spain. The wide-open ocean view, along with a feeling of melancholy, catalyzed the creation of this enthralling track.

Moreno collaborated with Chloe Kay for this song and she delivers a remarkable and beautiful vocal performance. She perfectly conveys a dreamy sensation with her angelic voice which hypnotises us completely, as she sings: “It was a beautiful dream, a beautiful dream, there was no pain and there was no fear”.

The contrast of Kay’s ethereal vocals blended with Moreno’s intense trance beats transmit a spectacularly euphoric soundscape that drives the momentum onward and upward, raising the listener into ecstatic EDM bliss.

This emotive and engaging track will charm any listener, especially lovers of electronic music. You can listen to “Under Your Skin” and watch the music video right here…

What’s next? 

Moreno has two new tracks set for release soon, which he has told us are very special and he quoted: “I can promise you that one of them is a style you never heard  before!” We are intrigued and excited to see these new releases, keep an eye out for them right here:

In the meantime Moreno has a message for all his fans: “I do this shit only for you! If I can put a smile on your face, help you feel better or you dance to my tracks, I  would say: mission completed and then I am happy. And of course, I want to bring collateral damage to the dancefloor.”

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