Just Lay Down

Ryan D. Neely


Ryan D.Neely is a beatmaker and rapper turned music producer who creates his own unique beats and remixes vocals and compositions. His journey into the world of music began at the early age of 5 years old, when he started piano lessons. His education broadened when he got his first keyboard at age 6 and began copying beats to his favourite songs.

As the years progressed, so did Ryan’s talent and passion for cultivating music, and he started recording his own music on cassette tape at age 16. He gave the tapes away for free for his first two projects, and by age 18, the year 2000, he had recorded his first rap album, titled “Wakem’ up” and sold it hand to hand.

Ryan went on to record four more albums, as well as bucketfuls of singles since his early beginnings in 2000. His most recent release was titled Ryan D. Neely as he re-introduced himself back into the music world as a full-time music producer.

“Just Lay Down” is the most popular song from the album and also the only song with a music video, including actors. Therefore this song has seen a huge amount of hype and listening to it, it’s easy to understand why.

As the song opens it becomes immediately evident that this is not your everyday, run of the mill track. The beats and melody are fantastically experimental and it’s impossible to turn your attention away.

“Just Lay Down” is a musical piece of art, an astoundingly original piece of music with an intriguing composition. If it were a painting, it would be a double-imagery Dali. Where does this comparison come from? The song has two distinct melodies and sounds which bounce off each other. One is a lighter, more uplifting and euphoric sound. Whereas, the other is heavier, with a deep bass and strong funky vibe pushing the track forward.

Both sections are extremely enjoyable and feed into one another perfectly. Ryan should be commended for his originality and boldness to create something so fantastically unique.

This song would fit perfectly in an experimental electronic hip-hop playlist or dance playlist as it could easily be played in clubs, at late-night bars, or just chilling at home. It has a relaxed, yet upbeat feel to it, therefore it would fit many situations and will satisfy many different types of listeners.



Ryan has told us; “Just Lay Down” is a romantic ballad, encouraging couples to take a break and rest with each other”, and the energy of the song definitely inspires these feelings.

As an artist, Ryan has been greatly inspired by Michael Jackson and the drums and dancing connected to his African-American heritage, which is what gives his music such an exciting dance energy and inspiring exhilaration.

He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where he lives with his wife, six children and three dogs. As a Christian, Ryan hopes to uplift peoples spirits with his music as God does him.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Timbaland and Diplo, then Ryan D. Neely will fit perfectly on your playlist.


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