The Honorable Waking Bear

Waking Bear

Waking Bear is an Indie-Rock band from Olympia, Washington, who have been releasing uniquely expressive music since 2019. The band was founded by Noah Bears (Lead vocals, Guitar) in 2018 after his path crossed, one fateful day with Ivy Jordanne (Lead vocals, keyboard).

Their relationship skyrocketed into a mutual love and equal creative desire to develop an entire musical experience, one with uplifting music, which activates the vibrations of love and healing.

This was the beginning of the now, five little bears, whose music certainly does have a mystical effect on its listeners. Each time I listen to one of Waking Bears songs, I am overwashed with the feelings of joy and gratitude.

Their newest release, “The Honorable Waking Bear” does not disappoint. I adore the feel-good, upbeat, joyous energy of this song, which is communicated from the instant I hear a happy guitar strumming a cheerful tune.



This song was written by Noah during the time his mother was dying of cancer. It is a beautiful reminder to suck the sweet nectar of life and enjoy every precious moment.

The lyrics tell a tale of our bear, who decides that time is too precious to spend hibernating, and after waking early, he joyously rollicks in the abundance surrounding him, deciding never to hibernate again.

Noah conveys this story with raspy rocky vocals which have an alluring charm, and combine perfectly with their exuberant indie-rock music.

I enjoy the creative lyrics which paint a picture in the mind’s eye of the waking bear roaming the forest, such as; “he can feed on salmon, feed on berries, he can run the fields free. He can make some babies with the ladies, he can nap away the day”.

This song feels extremely hopeful, for a beautiful future. And maybe when we “wake-up” like the Waking Bear, we will see the incredible gifts this life has to offer, and appreciate and relish in the wonders of this glorious life.

The closing lyrics perfectly conclude this message; “and so Waking Bear climbed to the highest peak overlooking the kingdom to yell and sing, may we all tune our hearts to this frequency”

If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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