“We’ve Been Here Before”

Brandon Lee is the genius behind the band, Putrid Mantra, and you’ll be amazed to hear that Lee is the sole member of this band. He writes, engineers, and produces all the music, as well as expertly playing guitar, and bass.

In his most recent release, “We’ve Been Here Before”, which is an opener to his upcoming album, Lee conveys the struggle of depression and decline in mental health.

The intro to the song is eerie and captivating, it would fit perfectly in an other-worldly, futuristic movie.

Lee’s breakneck speed guitar playing seriously blew my mind, and you sense the desperation and chaos through the musical journey he takes us on.

The concept for this song and the upcoming album was conceived during the recent pandemic quarantine, and I believe many people will connect with this story and the struggles we have all faced during this time.

If you appreciate music from bands such as Opeth, and Between The Buried And Me, then Putrid Mantra will fit perfectly on your playlist.