Recently, the Organizing Committee has just announced six nominees to be honored in 2020 for their contributions in music such as rapper Notorious BIG, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, T-Rex,The Doobie Brothers, and the most prominently is the music legend Whitney Houston.

Accordingly, these six artists have passed ten nominations in other art fields including: Pat Benatar, Dave Matthews Band, Judas Priest, Kraftwerk, MC5, Motorhead, Rufus – Chaka Khan, Todd Rundgren, Soundgarden and Thin Lizzy to be featured in this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These are artists with many outstanding activities who were added to the list but did not get enough votes to pass.

In late December, the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” featuring the legendary Whitney Houston with the Pentatonix group suddenly entered the Adult Contemporary chart. Since the 10th place of the song “Try It On My Own” in 2003, it’s the first time the public has seen a song by a female singer returning to the top 10’s on this chart.

Nobody could deny that Whitney Houston achieved incredible success during her career, and she left behind an absolutely iconic legacy after her passing.

Whitney Houston