“You’ve Got a Way” by Tantrix

A nostalgic guitar plays a rocky tune and I am reminded of the “Wonderwall” era of Oasis. An instant after I reminisce I am thrust into the modern-day with fresh, funky rock vibes, and growling vocals.

I am listening to “You’ve Got a Way” by Tantrix, a two-man rock/pop band, Eddie Silver (lead vocalist/guitarist), and Matt Mio (drummer/back-up vocals).

Eddie was traveling the globe, touring and playing, in constant pursuit of his dream, when one fateful day his path crossed with Matt, in Toronto, Canada, Matt’s hometown.

Since that day, the evolution of Tantrix began, with a need for creative expression and unity, they have developed a unique and euphoric sound together.

“You’ve Got a Way” is the no.1 song from their first EP release, “Future Now”.

“You’ve Got a Way” speaks of the fear a man holds when he is faced with an intense emotional connection. Eddie and Matt give an expressive performance, artistically communicating the emotional highs and lows of this story.

I enjoy the many levels of vocal expression in this song, from the growling screams to Eddie’s alluring whispers, when he sensually says, “I know you need a little bit more”.

There is a high, bouncy energy, which makes you want to jump up and sing-a-long with the band, while Matt’s powerful, relentless drumming drives the musical force onwards, creating an awesome rock vibe.

Tantrix would fit perfectly on a playlist between Arctic Monkeys, and The Kooks. Add these guys to your playlist and enjoy their cutting edge, stunning music.

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